It is with great pleasure that Beauce Art welcomes you to the very first edition of its International Sculpture Symposium in Saint-Georges. This artistic event consists of the production of 10 large-scale sculptures in stone and metal, mostly worked on the spot and others partially realized in workshops, by accomplished artists. Pozer Island, located in the heart of the Beauce metropolis, will permanently host these works of public art, marking the beginning of an outstanding museum experience.


Sublime rendez-vous

The theme, “Sublime rendez-vous”, implies the idea of a place and a given time, the occasion of a hoped-for or unexpected encounter. By grafting on the concept of the sublime aestheticism, the rendez-vous turns into an event as grandiose as it is untouchable; an extraordinary meeting where everything becomes possible. No longer limited to the walls of museums, public artistic creation is offered to the eye and thus integrates the viewer, calling his participation, encouraging him to meet by living a live creation experience.


Sponsored by the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF)

The meeting between artists from the world of the Francophonie will generate exchanges that will contribute to the development of sculpture and expand the dissemination of works by Quebec and international artists. The discussions between the artists will allow to compare the modern and artisanal techniques, the European and North-American methods and the different approaches of the same material, thus contributing to the dynamism of the sculpture. The participation of the OIF therefore opens a door to the world by encouraging new exchanges.

2014 Guest Artist

Michel Goulet


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