Symposium 2015


Only the light traces the arduous path of the sculptor’s look. Light, it is she who breathes vibrant life and vital energy at the work. The sculptures are developing a spatial field, through full and empty, torn from hammered materials in layers along a continuum subjected to light vibrations that constantly transform them through the supreme endurance of the sculptor performing the extreme sport of his art.


The creative act is an extreme abandonment and endurance against the power of intuition and the call of the material to sculpt in which the sculptor deliberately rejects, for I know not what automatic mechanism, all rationality. It’s passionate and completely extreme. Yet the thought is not absent from these supreme mechanisms, given the multitude of decisions that must be taken continuously; these decisions and actions are based on an intuitive process and magical thinking of the extreme, the visual creation deals with spatial relationships and interrelation of spiritual and physical realities. The sculptor is therefore of unimaginable magnitude between the extreme and supreme. Art becomes an extreme sport.


To sculpt is the immense effort to cross the light and thus, art becomes an extreme sport to see.


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