Symposium 2016


The 2016 theme uses the imagination created by the movement, velocity and energy of water, from bubbling to swirling. This theme addresses the very heart of water, especially since the 2016 museum site is located at the junction of two rivers, the Chaudière and the Famine.  For the 10 sculptors chosen from the cultural diversity of the International Organization of La Francophonie (72 countries), the 2016 artistic event will allow them to work on the energizing idea of the centrality of the movement of water in the heart of the urban space of Saint-Georges.


From the playfulness on river stones to the energy, the chaos, the music,  sheer power of volumes of water, and the velocity of the places of water at the confluence of two rivers, the lights of water will inspire the 2016 sculptors.


How to sculpt the Chaudière River? Chaudierissimo! It is the water and the non-definition of the shape that will inspire our sculptors. This is a new Promethean look of the Chaudiere that they will approach. Indeed, we are supersaturated with images of water and our visual memory is bombarded as never before. What new features will our sculptors bring in 2016? They will magically render water reinvented, water particle, water wave, voids and fullness of water; on the banks of the Chaudière, there will be wonderful and overflowing imagination!


The idea of quantum, aquatic, and hydraulic movements of water will lead us to produce an unusual search for angles and viewpoints, and the resultant of this third site should be the production of a fantastic space to look at, a kind of a praise for the velocity of the place and the artistic complexity.


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