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2019 theme 

Drift and delights – life size 

For its 6th edition Beauce Art: The International of Sculpture organizes a symposium focusing on art and nature. The theme, which is the theoretical basis for the realization of the works, will explore the natural impulses of our narcissistic beauties in drifts and the visual inclusive delights related thereto. The mantra of living together fantasized by nature is an elegant way to clear us of our individual difficulty in maintaining stable relationships with our loved ones. The coexistence of the sweetness of life in nature is sometimes short-circuited by the fluidity and immediacy of the delights of our narcissistic, planetary, interconnected solitudes. With instagram-clicks and multiple profiles flush frenetic “likes”, we find ourselves alone together life size. 

The museum site of 2019 is facing “Les Pères Nature” in Saint-Georges and the installation of sculptures will be along the Chaudière River between the footbridge facing the Lacroix-Dutil Sports Center and the inflatable dam, east side, on a half-wild strip of land like a migration land between drift and nature’s delight. Playful, refreshing, open to all interpretations and to all audiences (children and adults), who will visit the site, the sculptures will become an essential landmark and will bring art and nature together. 

Sculpture is a flexible and intuitive starting tool. Each sculpture tells a story, a story must have a perspective, a starting point, a pillar, a visual delight or a personal drift, so to speak. The particular element of each beauty comes from the passions and as we have our particular passions, we have our beauty consisting of our drifts and often our atypical delights, as natural untold and intuitive objects. I would like the 2019 sculptures to be exceptional writings and testimonies from the heart of every sculptor in the very heart of Beauce; they will allow us to know each other better and to know a little more about how we present ourselves in the face of nature. 

The sculptors selected for the 2019 edition will take us out of our numeric “bunkers” of indifference and invite us to concretize on a daily basis, in real intimacy, the ideals of living together through delicious manners and delightful materials that make possible the reciprocal glances of stone and metal! Drift and delights life size. 

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We believe that sculpture can establish a theory of magic that is as valid as the theory of relativity. These drifts and delights will awaken our sleepy imaginations and bring out joy and desire. Being transformed by sculpture, isn’t it the most beautiful vocation for art than making us act, think and feel differently? 

We hope that this symposium will allow us to better understand the new artistic practices, and the sculpted works that will emanate from them. The idea of change in transforming the realities of nature into visual delights is at the very heart of this sixth symposium. With its artistic enchantment, the 2019 edition will be a splendid awakening to the potential of creation, an artistic way of participating in the transformation of Ville de Saint-Georges and Beauce. 

The impression that will emerge from the whole is that of a heterogeneity that does not allow to classify them under any label, revealing and reflecting the incredible diversity of the field of contemporary sculpture. Interrogating the architecture and the habitat, the intimate space and the social fabric, this is an objective of Beauce Art, art and nature. 

Beauce Art wants to be a smuggler and breaker of forbidden where posterity is the aesthetic equivalent of a kind of irradiation of art and nature in general. Drift and delights life size! Naturally! 

Written and presented by Mr. Joseph-Richard Veilleux, artistic director of Beauce Art with acceptance of the artistic committee11535, 1re Avenue, bureau 308 Saint-Georges (Québec) G5Y 7H5 www.beauceart.com Tél. : 418 221-1224 info@beauceart.com 3 

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