The International Sculpture Symposium is an event of Beauce Art whose mandate is to create a permanent trail of public works constituting an internationally renowned cultural heritage.


Contribute to the public through the development of arts and culture by providing a role of leadership, education and through the popularization of sculpture.


The year 2000, the beginning of a new century, but also that of a dream, a grandiose project, around the magnificent Chaudière River located in the heart of Saint-Georges. In 1998, the Corporation Rendez-Vous at the River was created. A meeting of visionary people that built an inflatable dam and turned a river, that often dried up in the summer, into a beautiful body of water. Beautiful footbridges unite the two banks and with a park. An extensive cycling route was added,and this area became the new heartbeat of this entrepreneurial meca.


The island’s gardeners, people with a passion for horticulture, have beautified this space with their expertise in colour and fragrance. Their job was facilitated with the creation of the The Museum of Lilacs , a unique collection of lilacs scenting the air in late spring. But for Paul Baillargeon, architect, then vice-president of the arrangements of Rendez-Vous at the River, something is missing in this picturesque place. A vision was born. He then shared his dream with Mr. Jean-Louis Roy, former delegate of Quebec in Paris and Secretary General of the International organization of La Francophonie. Together, they imagined a symposium of sculpture over a period of ten years.


Beauce Art, a non-profit organization, was founded.


A dynamic team with vision and patience and have given life to The International of Sculpture. This event, sponsored by the International Organization of La Francophonie and supported by the city of Saint-Georges, has left a must-see trail of sculptures by local and international artists to illustrate their cultural, political and social diversity.


All these beautiful dreams became a wonderful reality thanks to the visionaries, the volunteers, and the generosity of their financial partners. People of the community that know how to realize projects that bring dreams, hope and new life to its residents and visitors making it a venue for all to enjoy.

Board of

Martin Rancourt
Chairman of the Board

Martin Rancourt is an accomplished entrepreneur and is well known in the business and community sectors. He is considered both an inspiring and influential leader.

With over 20 years of experience at the head of the company Image de Mark and an acting shareholder and advisor for several businesses, Rancourt is a certified expert in processes at all levels of an organization related to overall performance and success.

A firm believer in Beauce Art’s mission, he presides over the organization and is actively involved in improving its processes. Due to his solid communication skills, he oversees all work teams and leads the discussion on Beauce Art’s new mission that will be adopted after the 10th symposium.

Luc Thibaudeau

Luc Thibaudeau worked as Senior Director of Financing at Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton for over 20 years and was a member of the CPA order from 1978 to 2022. As a visual arts enthusiast, he is a firm believer in developing and promoting culture in Beauce. He is also an administrator at the Marius Barbeau Museum.

As part of the Executive Committee, he ensures that operations are properly carried out within the organization. Passionate about sculpture, he is drawn to the boldest of projects and contributes to their success by being actively involved in financing.

During a symposium, he is attentive to the needs of sculptors and is a great ally of the artistic and technical committee.

Antoine Morin

Antoine Morin has over 15 years of experience in accounting with various corporate clienteles in the regions of Chaudière-Appalaches and Québec, including private and public companies in the manufacturing and service sectors.

As Beauce Art’s treasurer, he is responsible for managing the organizations’ finances including accounting and supports the general management with public funding (grant applications, reporting, etc.).

Joseph-Richard Veilleux
Artistic Director

In 1967, Joseph-Richard Veilleux won his first prize in the Saint-Georges painting contest. Ever since, he has received several awards including the prix de la fondation Charles Bassompierre and the prix de l’Ordre du mérite de Saint-Georges. In 1970, he became a professor of visual perception at Algonquin College. Six years later, he earned his master’s degree in experimental psychology and his thesis focused on rivalry and fusion alternation in complementary contrast colours. In 1997, he became a member of the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts and in 2015, he was named president of the RCA.

Veilleux has been the artistic director of Beauce Art since the very first symposium. A high creative visionary, he invests a lot in this important public organization. Each year, he is responsible for selecting the annual theme and coordinating the artistic work of the sculptors.

During his career, he has served on several boards, including the Heritage Collection Chaudière-Etchemin, the National Gallery of Canada, the Conseil de la Peinture du Québec, and the Royal Canadian Academy.

Frédérique Lapointe
Communications Manager

With a college diploma in visual arts and a university degree in graphic design, Frédérique has extensive knowledge in the field of arts and has always enjoyed drawing, painting, photography, and dance.

Co-owner of the marketing agency La boîte, Frédérique considers herself lucky to have been able to transform her passion into a career. She is very proud that art is becoming more and more present and accessible in society and has chosen to invest in the development of the arts in Beauce. Through this contribution, she hopes that more artists will be able to make a living from their passion, as she was able to do.

As Beauce Art’s Communications Manager, she coordinates the organization’s media and public relations and oversees the production and approval of the visuals used in each edition.

Claude Provost

Born and raised in Saint-Georges and a dignified ambassador for the region both in the business world and in the cultural sphere, Claude Provost is proud of his region, his people, and the value of culture in the community.

He worked as a Vice-Chairman of Shared Services and Organizational Development at the Canam Group for over twenty years. He has also been a member of the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et en relations industrielles agréés du Québec since beginning his career.

In Beauce, he has been involved in the employment, culture, and popular animation sectors, namely in the downtown revitalization committee, the Beauce Economic Council, and the DUAL committee of the Beauce-Etchemins school board.

A true ally of Beauce Art since its inception, Claude Provost is involved in the Executive Committee, where he puts his skills in organization and governance to good use.

Éloi Veilleux

Born and raised in Saint-Georges, Eloi Veilleux worked as a notary for 40 years until October 2014, when he retired.

An active member of the community, Mr. Veilleux has been involved in several organizations, including the Ville Saint-Georges Lions Club, the district U-2 governor’s office of the Lions Clubs, the Desjardins movement, the CHBA Foundation and the Cœur Beauce Etchemin Foundation.

Eloi Veilleux’s expertise is invaluable to Beauce Art. As part of the Executive Committee, he documents and guides the Board of Directors to help them make the best decisions. His remarkable sense of professionalism, attentiveness and caring attitude foster positive interactions within the team.

Mathilda Thabet

Originally from Lebanon, Mathilda Thabet settled in Saint-Georges with her husband, Edouard Thabet, in 1956. In addition to being the mother of four children, she was the co-founder, along with her husband, of Oui Oui Oui, a food distribution company that remained in operation from 1964 to 2005. She was involved in all aspects of the company’s business development and was responsible for several departments, including distribution.

Since her arrival in Beauce, Mathilda Thabet has been involved in many organizations. An advocate of women’s rights, she contributed to the association féminine d’éducation et d’action sociale. For the past 30 years, she has volunteered at the InnerWeel Club and at la maison Catherine de Longpré as a trainer for the volunteers.

Co-founder of Beauce Art, her involvement in the organization follows many years of volunteer work with the downtown revitalization committee. She has devoted a large part of her life to the beautification of the Beauce region.

Susan Trudeau

Susan Trudeau is a native of Ontario, where she spent most of her childhood. She has a degree in English literature. Both her and her husband Gilbert Trudeau were presented with an opportunity to start their own business in Beauce called RCM Modular. Susan was actively involved in the creation and growth of the company.

Charmed by the region of Beauce, the couple decided to settle and start a family in Saint-Georges. In addition to being a working mother, Susan continues to work at RCM as a Special Projects Manager.

As an administrator, she is part of the Beauce Art fundraising dinner committee, a key annual gathering of the Beauce business and arts community, where she shares her invaluable knowledge and experience.

Marie Soleil Gilbert
General Manager

A native of Saint-Georges, Marie-Soleil Gilbert has held the positions of General Manager and External Consultant since the fall of 2022. With a bachelor’s degree in leisure, culture and tourism and ten years of experience in the field, she is proud to bring her expertise to Beauce Art.

Since the beginning of her career, Marie-Soleil has worked in the municipal sector; she is particularly interested in the development of local services and recreational areas, as well as urban spaces that promote healthy lifestyles and community development. The revitalization of downtown Saint-Georges, to which Beauce Art has contributed, is a great source of inspiration and has motivated her to become involved in the organization.

She has been actively involved in Beauce Art’s impressive legacy by coordinating the last two symposiums and is included in strategic discussions about the future of Beauce Art.

Paul Duval
Technical Advisor

Paul Duval was born in Beauce in 1963. From 1980 to 1982, he studied at the École de sculpture sur bois de Saint-Jean-Port-Joli and pursued his studies in arts at the Cégep de Sainte-Foy, in Québec. During his training, he learned to work with materials like leather, stone, and metal.

For 15 years, Duval traveled to Europe, the Caribbean and West Africa. When he returned to Québec in 2003, he settled on his family’s land and continued creating sculptures. Many of his pieces are now part of public and private collections across the continents of Europe, Africa, and the Americas.

Paul Duval is involved in the artistic and technical committee of Beauce Art. As Co-Technical Advisor with Philippe Pallafray, he puts his artistic talent, technical knowledge and manual skills to good use and helps the sculptors set up and present their pieces at each symposium.

Philippe Pallafray
Technical Advisor

Philippe Pallafray is a member of the Sculptors Society of Canada. His pieces are part of public collections (Wellington Heritage Museum Ontario, Royal Botanical Garden Ontario, Club de gold de Saint-Georges, Parc Veilleux in Québec) and private collections in Canada, the United States, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, South Korea, and France.

Philippe Pallafray is part of the artistic and technical committee of Beauce Art. As a technical co-advisor with Paul Duval, he puts his artistic talent, technical knowledge and manual skills to good use and helps the sculptors set up and present their pieces at each symposium.

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