The International Sculpture Symposium is an event of Beauce Art whose mandate is to create a permanent trail of public works constituting an internationally renowned cultural heritage.


Contribute to the public through the development of arts and culture by providing a role of leadership, education and through the popularization of sculpture.


The year 2000, the beginning of a new century, but also that of a dream, a grandiose project, around the magnificent Chaudière River located in the heart of Saint-Georges. In 1998, the Corporation Rendez-Vous at the River was created. A meeting of visionary people that built an inflatable dam and turned a river, that often dried up in the summer, into a beautiful body of water. Beautiful footbridges unite the two banks and with a park. An extensive cycling route was added,and this area became the new heartbeat of this entrepreneurial meca.


The island’s gardeners, people with a passion for horticulture, have beautified this space with their expertise in colour and fragrance. Their job was facilitated with the creation of the The Museum of Lilacs , a unique collection of lilacs scenting the air in late spring. But for Paul Baillargeon, architect, then vice-president of the arrangements of Rendez-Vous at the River, something is missing in this picturesque place. A vision was born. He then shared his dream with Mr. Jean-Louis Roy, former delegate of Quebec in Paris and Secretary General of the International organization of La Francophonie. Together, they imagined a symposium of sculpture over a period of ten years.


Beauce Art, a non-profit organization, was founded.


A dynamic team with vision and patience and have given life to The International of Sculpture. This event, sponsored by the International Organization of La Francophonie and supported by the city of Saint-Georges, has left a must-see trail of sculptures by local and international artists to illustrate their cultural, political and social diversity.


All these beautiful dreams became a wonderful reality thanks to the visionaries, the volunteers, and the generosity of their financial partners. People of the community that know how to realize projects that bring dreams, hope and new life to its residents and visitors making it a venue for all to enjoy.


Paul Baillargeon
Luc Thibaudeau
Cabinet Raymond Chabot Grant Thornton
Éloi Veilleux
Rachel Aubé
Mathilda Thabet
Joseph-Richard Veilleux
Artist, RCA
From Saint-Georges de Beauce

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