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2022 Thematic
Lifelines to heaven

In its 8th edition Beauce Art : L’International de la sculpture has organized a Symposium highlighting the importance of looking at the sky in art sculpture. The theme of this edition explores different meanings of heights and the effect of shining toward the sky. Groundless seeing is for the sculptor part of a condition of sculpting and of visuality. Groundlessness is about a deep disconnection with whom the sculptor shares the planet and when the 2022 sculptures will be putting themshef in action for the 8th edition of Symposium of Beauce Art, groundlessness will be a state of being and of beauty link to worldviews of heaven. Given our condition of groundlessness in lifelines to heaven, how might the sculptures of the 8th edition imagine an alternative aesthetics that give way to care and to enact the process of sculpting in a time of insurmountable upheaval?
We are living on a planet exhausted by human activity and we try to care for healthy ecosystems. Sculpting permets human to enter in a dizzying abstract space, sort of mirage propelling the viewer into an “intérieur” environment or a floating perspective up to heaven. It is a way of seeing and of imagining alternatives to our current condition of thinking about regeneration, rearrangement, transformation lifelines.
Imagining alternatives ways of being and looking at the world and sculpting it with floating perspectives up, up, up toward fluidity, lifelining to heaven ! Redefining what sculpture can be.
Thematic written and presented to sculptors by Joseph-Richard Veilleux, artistic director of Beauce Art : L’International de la sculpture in June, 2021

of the
2022 site

The site for this edition is a continuation of the 2021 site on the Redmond Promenade in Saint-Georges. The sculpture installation site of the 2020 edition is located in a large space of more than one kilometer which includes a cyclopedestre track, which runs along the river, separated from a parking lot on its full length.
A green space of 1 meter wide separates the two. The parking lot is served by a one-way road on its full length. This newly redone space is part of the history of St. George’s to keep traffic in the old city center.
We need to forget about cars, vans and other parked vehicles, Ville de Saint-Georges has accepted that we install our sculptures at more or less than 3 meters from the ground in the green space on more or less a third of the length of the site. The setting of this space and the lack of islands of greenery prevents us from installing sculptures in the traditional way on base. To enhance the visual effect, we propose to install your work in or around a metal circle, which is installed on a steel pole, or without a metal circle. Sculptors who use the circle should include a sculpture that only fills 30% of the interior of the circle.

See two attached photos of the site, and the illustration of the concept retained as a work constraint

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