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2020 Thematic
Irradiant : brightly shinning


In its 7th edition Beauce Art : L’International de la sculpture has organized a Symposium highlighting the importance of radiance in art sculpture. The theme of this edition explores different meanings of light and its reflection in nature, brightness, brilliance and the effect of shining. A sculpture must emit or reflect light; it has to be bright, glowing in the air with the sixth sense of the sculptor. Artwork commands a shining effect or a radiant vibration, it is a propulsing object, and that is what it demands from the sculptor for 2020 edition. A glittering sense of poetry in stone or metal, depicting a possibility of going beyond what is given, a kind of spiritual moment on a work of art in nature. Nowadays, we need to see the shining stars! This how the sculptors should start to think about a proposal for this seventh edition of international Symposium of sculpture of Saint-Georges.


Art in publicly accessible places should be effective for the broad range of viewers with reflective, translucent, vibrant and radiant qualities. Space exists in slumber until we awaken it. The project selected will deflect us from our usual unthinking aesthetic habits and will give us access to new levels of sophistication between perceptual and neurological shining geometries and world we perceive and build. Personally, it is radiant and poetic when a sculpture has resistance and power working together creating radiance that escapes from the artistic system of the sculptor. The meaning rises to the surface like perceptual resistors and it is irradiant on all sides recreating a sensation of the sky on earth in St-Georges, Quebec, Canada.


In sculpture, any material can be used but this edition emphasizes shining materials paying close attention to conceptualisation, improvisation, problem solving and irradiance. The magic of making! The freedom of creating with radiance! Sculpture is the silent key to the world we can encounter every second of every day; it has to shine, and does not have to be in a fixed position for the viewer. It is only fully revealed through a process of physically moving around it. It is a way of production that builds a relationship with a viewer and a site. Rethinking radiance, brightness and its shining effects in fresh air! Welcoming the sculptors, their thinking, their understanding, their perceiving and their creation! Redefining what sculpture can be.


Thematic written and presented to sculptors by Joseph-Richard Veilleux, artistic director of Beauce Art : L’International de la sculpture in June, 2019

of the
2020 site

The installation site of the sculptures of the 2020 edition is located in a large space of more than one kilometer which includes a cyclopedestre track, which runs along the river and a parking on its full length. Beauce Art has relocated the site 2020 in the first section of this long space where the strip of greenery that separates the bike path and the parking lot, is from 1.5 to 3 meters wide. We can, therefore, shorten the pole under the rings to 1.5 meters in height, considering that we do not overflow on the bike path.*


This newly remodeled space is part of the history of Saint-Georges to keep traffic in the old downtown, and in this space the lack of islands of greenery prevents us from installing sculptures of the way traditional on base. To make cars, vans and other parked vehicles forget, we decided to install the sculptures on a green pole belonging to shrubs 1.5 meters high from the ground in a ring of 2 meters in which each sculptor will have to to install his work. The inside of the ring is the only place to do the sculpture. The band of the ring is of a width of 10 cm. The sculpture can have depth, volume with a maximum depth of 1 meter on each side of the ring, like the inside of a sphere of 2 meters in diameter. Thinner sculptures can also be very interesting. In addition, we want color so that the sculptures “burst” in the greenery of the trees, the concrete of the track, the metal of the luminaries and the guardrail along the river.


This imposed constraint, in addition to creating a greater unity in this space, will allow us to illustrate to our population the diversity of this beautiful world of sculpture and a “distinct room” in our open-air museum.


See two photos attached to the site, and the illustration of the concept retained as a work constraint.


*amendment to the original call for applications

Two attached photos of the site, and the illustration of the concept retained as a work constraint.

Technical drawings of the metal circles


devis technique-1500

for 2020

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