The call for applications for the 9th edition of the Saint-Georges’ International Sculpture Symposium is now closed.

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Short version


Carving the wind in harmony with its stature and its elongated form asks the artists to go out of themselves. To go out of oneself is the first gesture of creation. It is then enough to sculpt with wide open eyes and forever frozen in life. Carving the wind is like a hurricane that awakens in all its wind power and sculpts findings, memories and fissures deep within oneself.


Be inspired and design:

  • Wind from within oneself;
  • Wind from outside yourself: flora, fauna, water and cosmos;
  • Wind of historical tradition and/or magical contemplation.


Wind without taboos!

Long version


For the 9th edition, Beauce Art : L’international de sculptures is organizing a symposium focused on wind, figuration and stature. To sculpt the wind is to penetrate into an art of signalling and an art of alignment, and most of all, into the universality of art.


Aeos, the god of wind, was even portrayed by Leonardo da Vinci. The artistic history of wind is a long history of extraordinary and energizing representation. The magnificence of the wind is inspirational with its power and strength.


The wind is a protective symbol of individuals, often represented by an animal, a plant or objects considered to protect individuals or mythical ancestors. The wind theme is one of the most original aspects of our culture.


Sculpting the spirit of the wind will allow sculptors to explore the purely eolian dimension of creation, and to introduce the representativeness of our contemporary society in its electronic hyperconnectivity and the new technologies of artificial intelligence (AI). Thus we demonstrate a signalling of the interconnectivity of the power of the natural universality of the wind.


The wind sacralizes the subject represented by the sculptor; the wind is a monument of imagination and sensation and points to the inimitability between real space and the sacred space of art. It is like a talisman evoking our vanquished, a powerful protesting self-suggestion.


Undeniably, a wind theme is universal and relates to the world to re-enchant nature; the stature and figure of the wind will demonstrate the embrace of cultures in the heart of our city and all citizens of the Beauce, Quebec and Canada.


The 2023 theme includes a kind of utopia that is both whimsical and plausible: it visually communicates a sculptor’s thoughts on the possibility of a world more sensitive to its natural environment. In other words, each sculptor’s artistic response to the wind’s grip has less to do with representation and more with grasping the site in the wind.


2023 under the sun of a freedom that listens to the figurative powers of the wind, with light and happy hearts! Let’s follow the wind and sculpt! Wind is life!


Theme written and presented by Joseph-Richard Veilleux, artistic director, on October 11, 2022.


The site of this edition is the continuity of the 2022 site, between the sculpture of Gilles Pedneault and the end of Promenade Redmond. The urban environment borders the eastern side of the site, and on the western side, the Chaudière River extends in all its splendor and flows along a green wooded area.


Concretely, the sculptures will be installed in a narrow strip of green space of one meter wide, bordered by a bicycle path and a parking lot. The parking lot is served by a one-way road along its entire length. As the ground space is limited, the sculptures must be thoughtful and sketched in height.


Here is a list of the documents you need to send to apply.

*All files must be identified with the name of the sculptor.

Please send all documents in one package to using WeTransfer.

Any file deemed incomplete will not be considered.

  • Application form;
  • Acceptance of the conditions of participation 2023;
  • Biography (150 words maximum, in .doc format);
  • Artistic approach (150 words maximum, in .doc format);
  • Curriculum vitae (3 pages maximum, in .doc format);
  • Sketch of the project or good resolution photos of the model from 3 different angles;
  • Maintenance estimate for the artwork;
  • Sketch with dimensions and anchoring of the base of the sculpture;
  • 10 photos of previous works (pay attention to the quality of resolution of the photos);
  • One black and white photo of the artist showing their face: approximately 3,000 x 4,000 pixels.

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