Call for application

The 10th edition of the Saint-Georges International Sculpture Symposium will be held from June 2nd to June 23rd, 2024.

Beauce Art lance un appel de candidatures auprès des sculpteurs du monde entier pour célébrer en grand cette dernière édition du Symposium international de sculpture.

Sculptors have until September 8, 2023 to submit projects. The jury will choose ten participants according to the quality and originality of the projects submitted, their relation to the edition’s theme, the feasibility, the sustainability of the works and the respect of the amount allocated for the materials.

Each artist can submit a maximum of 5 projects.

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Exotic swirl : Stone and Steel Music

For the 10th and last edition, Beauce Art, Saint-Georges’ Sculpture International, is organizing a symposium focused on the spirit of the festival and its whirling and phantasmagoric effects. A symposium of stone and steel music.

Our 10-year goal is achieved and the theme brings us to celebrate. 10 years, it is strength of character and it is also 115 sculptures installed in the museum space of Beauce Art. Sublime!

For 2024, we invite you to create desire and madness by sculpting stone and steel music through contemporary art. Art is a feast for our eyes, like music for our ears. This is how music is invited to this festival, a celebration of openness, immersion and interaction. Sculpting the spirit of music will allow the ten chosen sculptors to explore the musical dimensions of materials and introduce the representativeness of our contemporary society. Music will sacralize the subject represented by the sculptor; music is a monument of imagination and sensations. Universal, music will celebrate the cultures that abound in the heart of our city and bring together all the citizens of Beauce, Quebec and Canada.

The result of this edition will definitely include an aspect both playful and joyful, but whole and all in power. The magnificence of music, which is inspiring and creative. Let us celebrate what all eyes can teach us from the infinite weaves of the imagination. Let’s celebrate the visual renaissance, the harmony of our city center touched by Art.

Nowhere else but here, the lively sculptures of international journeys beyond materials, like antidotes to fixity allowing the musical movement and momentum of steel and stone, eyes already full of invisible!

The theme 2024 includes a kind of utopia, a fantasy both musical and whimsical where the artistic response of each sculptor allows us a crowning of beautiful big parties! 2024, under the sun of freedom listening to the swirling powers of music, heart in the air! Let’s sculpt the music of our lives!

”The symphony of life arouses joy in my being. I am in tune with the melody of life and I sculpt.”

Theme written and presented by Joseph-Richard Veilleux, artistic director, on June 30, 2023.


The sculptures will be installed along the Chaudière River on 1st Avenue in Saint-Georges. It is a linear park bordered by a bicycle path and densely vegetated.

It is the artist’s responsibility to suggest a project that fits well into the layout space shown below.

Would you like to be part of the 2024 symposium?

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