André Lapointe





About This Project

The proposed project for the 2016 edition “The Great Wave” refers to the flood of spring waters on the Chaudière river. It is from the textures of the icy polished stone and the petrified rough stone that the sculptor obtains the effect of the moving water and the breaking of the wave. The Saint-Marc limestone a raw material is a shell with the common name “Le noir de Champlain”. It is a limestone mainly composed of fossils that become apparent by polishing. In fact, it is the ocean elements that make up this stone of 16 million years. Through the sculpture, André Lapointe tries to make the loop by giving these compressed elements the shape of a large wave seized in its movement. It is about time. The time that the stone takes to form that can be recognized by observing the matter and the time of the movement of the wave seized in it, which is an attempt to perpetuate the ephemeral.