Bernard Hamel


(Saint-François de L'Île D'Orléans, Québec)


FLUIDITÉ stone and metal

About This Project

Bernard Hamel drew his inspiration from the drop of water. That is a very free interpretation of the sensual shape of a drop. Since the dawn of time, the cycle of water has been one of the most interesting phenomena of our planet. A drop of water by itself, so pretty, is only harmless.  When gathering together, the drops of water however become stronger. We are drops of water in our community. Each individual, by living with others, is making a social entity with various cultures and believes. The drop of water remains the sculptor’s inspiration. But this type of sculpture leaves room for imagination, as it may evoke quite different feelings to every one looking at it. The execution of the very delicate shape remains the support element of this sculpture. Therefore, Bernard Hamel exhibits the construction of this drop-shaped smooth stone. The artist likes to imagine what the inside of shapes looks like. AS he also values working with rich materials, the artist uses smooth textures and pieces. The metal rods added to the work create an interaction with the stone and draws the shape.  A drop of water drifting!