Bettino Francini


(La Toscane)



About This Project

The project stems from a tradition practiced by the Algonquins who, at the end of the 17th century, lived on the territory on which the City of Saint-Georges stands today. It seems that the Algonquins, like many Native American tribes, practiced a funeral ritual in which the body of the deceased was placed on a bed suspended from four wooden posts, so that his mind joined with that of the ancestors in another dimension. The reworking of this old ritual by transposing it to the present time to propose a monumental sculpture made of various contemporary materials, such as stainless steel and iron.  The speed and invariability of the theme of death, always lived by the human being with fear and apprehension is emphasized in this art piece. The sculpture wants to awaken the memory of this inevitable event and emphasize its intrinsic liberating aspect. Nowadays, at a time when man is guilty of false worries and accumulation of material goods, we must remember the end of life and its history.