Cynthia Saenz

Costa Rica

(Santa Ana)



About This Project

“The small Iron Horse” is a wire sculpture that symbolizes a being that has marked the history of humanity and that has been moved by the sea or the land to a place where it did not live, then procreate and facilitate the lives of many pioneers. The horse is one of the most iconic animals throughout history’s  tales and legends.  History would not be the same without this noble animal, which arrived in Canada at the time of King Louis XIV. At that time it descended from the French breeds, and it served to develop the base for breeding   throughout this new continent. On the first voyage, in 1665, only two stallions and twelve mares survived. Subsequently, several specimens were sent, forming a strong and enduring horse colony. The king’s representatives then sold them to farmers for agricultural purposes. This sculpture is represented by a little steel horse that is the descendant of this strong race. Beyond its great willpower and resistance to extreme climates, this versatile horse is suitable for jumping, do errands, training, as well as working on the farm. It is an integral part of our history.