Daniel Pérez Suárez


(The Canary Islands)



About This Project

At the moment, we understand the history of sculpture in different ways : typologies, representations, styles, etc., that is, everything we can associate with the materials used over the years. The project “Archaeology of the Future” appears as a romantic vision of how the art of sculptural methods and technologies enter the artistic realm. The sculpture consists of an incomplete representation of a recognizable element: a fragment of a face. “Less is more “, as reads the popular expression.   In this case, the public can observe themselves by looking at the sculpture, recreating the whole image according to their history, their personal desires and their creativity. In this monumental work of art, materials and the process of making them are an important part of the history of sculpture. We can observe the contrasts generated by the presence of hundreds of small pieces of iron bound together. Seen from afar, these have a harmonic shape suggesting attractive rounded volumes.