Guy Nadeau


(Montreal, Quebec)



About This Project

“Hands of the Wave”: this is the image of a “hand in hand”, symbol of friendship towards the turbulent waves of our rivers and of us. The sculpture presents us a complicity, forever inscribed in the matter, placed at hand. The folding and the braiding of bars testify to the manifestation of a quiet force which finds its meaning in the incrustation of the imprint of a hand in the mass of the brass. I carve three different models of handprints: mine and two others taken on the site from visitors. In addition to revealing the traces of shaping, the face brings to the foreground the presence of a confirmed materiality. Due to the allusion to the fluidity of the water by the wave of the bars, I propose the materialization of an image : that of this source of life that reaches out to us. This braid “sculpture” deserves to find life in this meeting place of rivers and cultures that is Beauce Art in Saint-Georges.