Hanna Kyselova





About This Project

The 21st century has brought innovative inventions and new technologies (computer, mobile phone, robot, etc.) that alienated the intelligent being even more from nature. For convenience sake, humanity has moved away from the needs of the earth, air, fire and water. Water and air thus became polluted, more and more gardens are being made in concrete, trees are being destroyed, animals are being canned and so on. This lack of harmonization with nature may cause us irrevocable consequences. The artist must show through her work how to treat the planet Earth and the environment with respect to survive.


The sculpture “Barefoot through the planet” of Hanna Kyselova expresses the idea of the human beings’ constructive and respectful attitude towards the global environment. The main purpose of this sculpture is to promote love for nature in the hearts of the younger generation. The young girl goes from the urban environment to the nature, but does not take on the traditional role of conqueror. She does not repeat her parents’ mistakes, and she acts in a totally different way. She walks barefoot carefully holding a tree leaf, which means that when the time comes, she will not make her garden on concrete, and nor will she torture animals even those in cage. The attitude of this child toward the planet-nature has changed: she no longer behaves like a master, but like a respectful host or even, like a good child. Die from the human drifts or live from its delights!