Josiane Saucier


(Montreal, Quebec)



About This Project

It is sentinel and enclosing with its armor all the fragments forgotten in an immortal monument of  an endless story of misplaced depths … In any story, fictional or lived, forgetfulness is for something. It allows buried places to arise without warning, taking back its right of time passed.   A common place is defined here between the narrated and the unsaid, memory and lapses of memory. A shape emerges, moving and silent.  Its hair a rhythm in the wind like receptive antennas, ready to hear the bottom of the story. Two steel structures of identical shape, assembled one on the other, make up this set half full, half empty. Its lower part, anchored to the ground, is linear and organic. It draws a sequenced frame of tubular welded to the skeletal structure. In between lines, gaps are formed as an incomplete story. It is impossible to read the entirety of it. The same form is superimposed on it, in inverted mirror, and organizes the fullness. It symbolizes forgetting. Sheet of metal wrinkles are welded and hammered on the same original outlines. The folds of memories are there; those who keep our memories without our knowledge. At the end of this sculptural movement, there is this timeless hair, the one that shakes the tree of our memories and that reminds us, from time to time, that the story is endless … This Muse moves slowly in our lapses of memory, those she tries to resurrect when  time is favorable.