Julie Savard


(Quebec, Quebec)



About This Project

As a graduate from the Maison des Métiers D’Art in Quebec City, Ms Savard has been a professional sculpture since 2002. Through fine handling and metalwork, she creates sculptures that materialize the tension between nature and culture.


Fascinated by the natural sciences, she draws her inspiration from the complex textures observed in certain morphologies of living identities. By the artifice of excessiveness, her creations evoke the madness of organic life, the elegance of the vegetable kingdom and the astonishment of the animal world. The volumes often result from accumulated elements, accompanied by a profusion of irregular lines, present in the entirety of the work. The sculptural creations – metal lace with sinuous lines and sometimes colorful finish – capture and reflect the light, constantly renewing the viewer’s perception them.


Through his work emerges an atmosphere sometimes intimate, sometimes eventful arousing intrigue. Carrying a paradox, his sculptures open the improbable space of a dialogue between life (organic) and the object (inanimate).