Mincu Nicolae Rasvan





About This Project

A legend says that elsewhere, in the mountains, a large stone was touched by the wing of an angel, causing water to spring forth, clear and pure. All the people who drank it cured their diseases. This legend expresses the connection between nature and creative consciousness. A lively and clear nature heals human suffering, harmonizes and revives the energies of man. What is not made by man, is essential to be in harmony with nature. The universe shows us the sky and the stars, and the people show their stars, the creative consciences. The sculpture suggests a wing with the structure of time and stars, speaking of the universe, and water gushing out of natural stone. Thus, the respect of man for nature leads to spiritual healing, a form of immortality, purification and rebirth. This stone wing expressing water tries to capture the ineffable, the sky-earth continuity and illuminates the position of man in the equation of the universe. Who are we, where do we come from, where do we go? The poem of the universal man and his journey on earth since the beginning of time can not be written in the present without the metaphor, the very object of the power of sculpture.