Sylvie Koechlin





About This Project

Water, a symbol of life, is a source of energy through its driving force. Regenerating & revitalizing, is the symbol of this powerful and purifying cascade, contrary to the dried up water, carrier of death and desolation. Water the most precious and fragile element of our natural resources.  The power of water subtly modifies the stones on its passage. The jousting between the immobile hardness of the rock and the flowing and unceasing suppleness of the water is contained in the image of this waterfall. The fight of the hard against the soft, the verticality of the waterfall grants to the water energetic virtues which it uses by imperceptibly softening the rupture of the relief inscribed in the stone which projects it and which it shapes. The traces of the tool give the movement of water, the idea of the fusion of water and stone as a respectful homage to the power of water.