Théodore Dakpogan





About This Project

Through his work, sculptor Théodore Dakpogan shows the notion of mixing and exchange between peoples. In Africa, the artist’s ancestors were using leaves to heal some illnesses. The two leaves symbolize the peoples of the North (Europe) and the peoples of the South (Africa). The roundness and opening between the leaves are favorable to the cultural awareness between Northern and Southern peoples. The leaves remind us that our planet is suffering from pollution by industrial gases, global warming and natural disasters. Therefore, the idea is to pave the way for the exchange of know-how between peoples. The base of the leaves is made of stainless steel. A mix of enamelled steel sheet and other materials, symbol of the reunion between peoples of different regions, covers both sides of the piece of work. In Benin and neighbouring countries, enamelled steel sheet is an integral part of everyday life, as well as the major element of the household utensils. Recovering objects and recycling them into a piece of art is a way for the sculptor of drawing attention to the mismanagement of our drifting environment.