Vincent Di Vincenzo





About This Project

“Scripture” is composed of the words “writing” and “sculpture” and means “a writing in space”. According to encyclopedias, history begins with writing; all the above is called “prehistory”. Over the centuries, writing has become one of the main sources of transmission of history in our societies. The shadow projected on the ground is the extension of the “solar scripture”, which is transformed into a sundial.  It writes the story of the sun. Each season, it turns and repeats itself to infinity.  it fades, disappears, then re-born following the movement of the sun. It’s reading tells us the story of time. The “solar scripture” becomes the medium used by the sun to tell us its history. It symbolizes the durable, concrete element. Shadow casts its ephemeral trace. The “solar scripture” does not represent a particular event in history, but the very history of the passage of the sun to where it will be installed.