Yann Farley

Sainte-Justine, Quebec

About This Project

Yann Farley is interested in the sculptural form in its material capacity to create a connection, a link with the one who rubs shoulders with it. As architecture is concerned with the space of the body, sculpture has the potential to prepare space for the meeting. The sculpture involves a relational mechanism. We can be in front of the form, but also with and inside. We integrate its workings. “Sublime Machine” is an open door that allows passers to pass, of course, but also to incorporate oneself. The vertical structure takes place. Like a beast perched on its high legs, it waits for the other. The sublime mechanics of form is that of encounter. But what is a Sublime Machine? Our brain, the cosmos, quantum mechanics. These are vertiginous mechanisms, accessible and unattainable, understandable and inexplicable, communicable and inexpressible.