Yann Normand


(Sainte-Brigitte de Laval, Quebec)

About This Project

Summer breeze saturated with shattering scents, two resigned solitudes, inflated with the desire of the Other.  The Other whose unexpected existence is sensed, the warm breath lifted them up, tenderly pushed towards each other, they swirled gently, frail, feverish and shivering, without touching, but close, so close, that their souls were brushed against each Other. Fugitive fragments of immortality, they saw themselves, under the clarity of the eternal day, like a wave with sublime purity in imperfection transcending their carnal envelope, illuminated in contact with each Other, they flourished with an unspeakable amplitude. The world ceased to exist around them. The ceilings collapsed, the walls crumbled, the ground liquefied under their feet. All that décor was illusion. Obstacles on the eternal road. They floated in the void, always welded by their embrace. They drifted towards the great hole of oblivion. Its power was phenomenal. They were sucked in by it, it tried to separate them, to snatch them from each Other. They did not resist; They knew they would find one last glance, one final silence. They disintegrated on the walls that engulfed them and dispossessed them from the knowledge of the Other… When their souls have sufficiently bathed in the waters of the divine spring, perhaps they will choose to return.in the illusion. They will be born again, in the primordial unconsciousness, with on the lips the taste of the Other, with in the heart the murmurs of a quest for a singular beauty, almost inaccessible, but they will follow the trace despite everything …